Bob DiPetrillo

Bob DiPETRILLO {br} CEO, Advant Medical

Bob DiPetrillo

CEO, Advant Medical

Bob DiPetrillo is founder and CEO of Advant Medical, a best-in-class global partner for Class I, II, III medical device development and manufacturing solutions.  Advant is headquartered in Galway, Ireland where it has two manufacturing sites.  Additionally, Advant manufactures from state of the art facilities in Costa Rica and Mexico.  Advant facilities are strategically located to maximise in region support to its customers.

Advant is a tier one vendor to the leading multinational medical device companies in over 30 countries worldwide.   Operating from ISO Class 8 clean room facilities, Advant has a multi-disciplinary team specialising in product development, injection moulding, contract manufacturing, packaging services and 3D printing. This collective expertise and integrated turnkey approach allows the business to provide innovative solutions that are based on real industry experience, regulatory knowledge and extensive qualifications.



Bob DiPetrillo has been in the medical device industry for over 38 years.  Having started his career in education, he moved in to packaging sales with Modern Packaging and then Bemis, both leading flexible packaging suppliers to the healthcare industry.  Leveraging experience gained in the medical device packaging sector, Bob embarked on a new venture in 1987 and co-founded Contech Medical USA.  The business established a contract assembly, manufacturing and packaging company in Ireland in 1993 which Bob assumed ownership and the role of CEO in 2006.  The business was rebranded in 2011 to Advant Medical.

Bob DiPetrillo passionately believes in integrity, quality and being customer-centric with these values forming the cornerstones of the Advant business.  Advant is the market leader in its field and is recognised for its quality, reliability and flexible customer service.


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