Filip Moriau

Filip Moriau

CEO, Stragilon

Innovation & prototyping new business ideas are Filip´s passion and focus. Converging rapid change with new business and organizational models are the core business of Stragilon, a data science, ethics & innovation consultancy Filip started in Berlin in 2015.

Stragilon supports businesses around the world to build sustainable answers to new problems by redesigning the concepts of work & innovation by augmenting intelligence and applying technology from the human perspective.

Innovation doesn’t come without ethics. Ethics makes innovation sustainable and value driven. This is key for the success and acceptance of innovation in today’s rapidly changing world.

Filip and his team are helping global customers in sectors such as Medtech, Renewable Energy, Circular Economy as well as Government, Services and Manufacturing. Stragilon´s clients are transforming their own models using AI, big data, robotics, blockchain or any other disruptive technology to reinforce their success and get ahead of the curve.

Filip´s background has been in corporate development and ethics before starting Stragilon in 2015 in Berlin. In this capacity he has helped associations such as Medtech Europe with their code of ethical conduct and business practice and its roll out across the world.

He has worked in companies like Cisco Systems, BiogenIdec, Tosoh and Weber.

He is also lecturing in innovation practice at Hertie School of Governance, Vlerick Business School, Collège des Ingénieurs and other colleges around the world.





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