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If you supply to medical device OEMS, there’s no doubt you work hard to differentiate your solutions from others. But what’s the best approach to cultivating enduring relationships to become a partner of choice to your customers?

The medtech outsourcing model has transformed in the last decade. Simply manufacturing or delivering simple components is no longer sufficient to compete on a global stage. Medtech partners and CMOs must strategically align to drive value in healthcare delivery.

Irish outsourcing partners have an excellent track record in successfully competing on a global stage, but how does our sector build on this position to maintain momentum in meeting future expectations?

An Expert Eye – TE Connectivity

Paraic Curtis Senior VP & GM of TE Connectivity’s medical business will present at Medtech Rising to discuss “Partnering in a world of solutions”. Drawing on unique insights from a career spanning leadership roles as both the “customer” and the “supplier partner,” he will examine the current structure and future trends shaping our contract manufacturing sector.

Reflecting on the experiences of TE Connectivity, a global industrial technology leader, Paraic will outline the tiered structure of other high technology, highly regulated industries to map a future framework for effective partnerships in medtech. He will explore the role of each tier to build a picture of how CMO partners will further evolve as trusted partners in supply chain simplification, reducing cost and complexity in healthcare.

Can effective CMO partnerships unlock nascent innovation? How should CMOs think about advancing operational excellence? What does an ideal and true strategic partnership look like for both customer and CMO?

TE Connectivity is ranked among the world’s leading medtech partners with an unparalleled breadth and depth of engineering solutions across a global footprint. Drawing from his insights at TE Connectivity, Paraic will address these questions and illustrate through real-world examples how the potential of attractive markets can be accelerated through high functioning partnerships.

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CMO = contract manufacturing organisation