Speakers - Dr. Jenny Fitzgerald

Dr. Jenny Fitzgerald

Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Deciphex

Dr. Jenny Fitzgerald serves as the Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Diagnexia, a prominent Deciphex company. Since joining Deciphex in 2019, she has played a crucial role in the company's operations, particularly in overseeing healthcare teams and managing key stakeholder relationships.

Diagnexia, known for its innovative approach in digital pathology, connects AI-empowered pathologists to clients worldwide, catering to subspecialty needs. The company utilizes a state-of-the-art integrated case management and review system, setting a high standard in the field. As a privately-held company with its headquarters in Ireland and additional offices in the USA and UK, Diagnexia has established a significant presence in the healthcare technology sector.

In her role at Diagnexia, Dr. Fitzgerald has been involved in the development of advanced AI models for healthcare sample screening, aligning with the company's commitment to technological innovation in pathology. Her background, including a PhD in Immunology, has been instrumental in her effective supervision of research teams and coordination of various operational aspects.

Dr. Fitzgerald's experience and role at Diagnexia contribute to the company's ongoing mission to revolutionize digital pathology through cutting-edge technology and expert collaboration.

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