Speakers - Filip Moriau

Filip Moriau

Founder of Stragilon

Filip, founder of Stragilon, established in Berlin in 2015, is renowned for his forward-thinking approach in the realm of Medtech. Stragilon, representing Strategic Agile Innovation, supports global businesses in developing transformative opportunities. Using a unique blend of design thinking, strategic planning, and human-centric transformation, Filip and his team at Stragilon champion the future-back approach to creating the future.

In the rapidly evolving Medtech landscape, Filip emphasizes nurturing future-oriented skills, a departure from traditional organizational competencies. He ardently believes in co-developing these capabilities alongside industry stalwarts. With a rich corporate background, Filip has been associated with industry giants like Cisco Systems, BiogenIdec, and Tosoh.

Consistently adopting a growth mindset, Filip's commitment to continuous learning has empowered him to master 10 languages and engage with industry leaders globally. Based in Berlin, Filip contributes as a Lecturer in Innovation at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, and spearheads the innovation division of the MBA program at Collège des Ingénieurs in Turin, Munich & Paris.

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