Speakers - Sam Glassenberg

Sam Glassenberg

CEO of Level Ex

Sam has spent his career building companies at the cutting-edge of the video game industry. As the founder and CEO of Level Ex, his team of elite game developers and physician experts create neuroscience-backed games that accelerate the adoption curve of new products in medicine.

Offering the only games certified to provide AMA Category 1 Continuing Medical Education credit, Level Ex's content is played by over a million medical professionals. Sales, marketing, and education teams at 20 out of the top 40 medtech and life science companies use Level Ex game technology to sell their products and train their customers. Level Ex's games are used by leading medical societies - and NASA - to disseminate the latest guidelines and techniques for topics ranging from COVID to Space Health.

Before Level Ex, he was the CEO of the leading independent game publisher in Hollywood, releasing games based on popular films, including The Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible. Sam also led the DirectX graphics team at Microsoft, where he accepted a Technical Emmy on behalf of his team for advancing the visual realism of video games across the industry. His career began at LucasArts, creating Star Wars games for PlayStation and Xbox. Sam serves on numerous industry advisory boards and speaks internationally on video games in medicine.

Sam is credited on a series of technology patents and popular video game titles and currently sits on major technology and video game industry advisory boards. He speaks internationally on a variety of topics at the intersection of video games and medicine.

Articles about his experiments with Generative AI at the intersection of gaming and healthcare have caught the attention of a large audience across multiple industries.

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