Learn from Prof David Kennedy

Professor David Kennedy, Rhinology Professor, University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre, is a world-renowned Rhinology expert and his professional profile and depth of experience are probably second to none in his field.

We’ll learn more about his background later but for those attending Medtech Rising, the fact that he is contributing to our panel discussion on “Disruption and Innovation in Healthcare” gives attendees the golden opportunity to get an oversight on how leading practitioners like Prof. Kennedy have worked hand-in-hand with industry to take a fresh look at accepted medical practice and introduce successful innovations that deliver better patient care.

He was recognised for his innovative approach to medicine and his entrepreneurial flair initially because during the mid-1980s, Prof. Kennedy was responsible for the introduction of pioneering endoscopic technology for sinus surgery, in the US. He found a way to apply the use of endoscopy to give both a better diagnosis and improved treatments for sinonasal disease. He also became pivotal in this field as he worked with industry to design instrumentation for use during surgery.

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Collaborate, Educate

However not only has Prof Kennedy collaborated with commercial interests to improve patient care,  he has also been in an ideal position to share his expertise given his various roles as an educator – Prof. Kennedy has served as Chair of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Vice Dean at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also served as a Past President of a variety of professional bodies including the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, the American Rhinologic Society, the International Rhinologic Society and the ISIAN.

In fact he has been the driving force that has now established the subspecialty by developing the first fellowship in rhinology and holding the first courses in endoscopic sinus surgery internationally.


A U.S. Perspective

Of course he has local Irish ties, as he told the RCSI in an interview last year –  his grandfather Dr Denis Kennedy, lived in Dublin and was a general surgeon and his brother is a retired radiologist living in the west of Ireland.

And he naturally has an international perspective on Rhinology through his role as an innovator and  educator in this field.

But for Irish Medtech businesses, it’ll be interesting to get his perspective on what’s happening in the States and things to look out for into the future. And he’s in an ideal position to know; he has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine – which he describes as “a significant” honour. The N.A.M. is the independent advisory body to the U.S. government on matters of science, technology and health, whose vision is simple “A healthier future for everyone”. This puts Prof. Kennedy at the very heart of influence in devising healthcare strategies for the U.S. So it’ll be fascinating to hear what he has to say…… the honour is ours.

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