Gold Sponsors Kuehne + Nagel

Recently we caught up with Adam O’Sullivan, Head of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare with Kuehne + Nagel Ireland for a quick chat. We were keen to learn about why the company chose to be a Gold Sponsor of MedTech Rising and what Kuehne + Nagel can offer businesses operating in the MedTech sector.

So Adam, do you want to give us a quick low-down on how Kuehne + Nagel works with clients?

As a global supply chain logistics business, offering logistics solutions to the MedTech sector is an important growth driver for us. We’ve built our reputation on the expertise of our people, our global reach and our state-of-the-art technology to allow our customers to have full visibility of their supply chain. Employees at Kuehne + Nagel understand the importance of each and every piece of cargo we move, from high-value robotic surgical tools to high volume disposable devices. For our customers, this means that we simplify the complexity and optimise their supply chains so that they can focus on what matter most to them, their end customers. We understand the crucial role that quality and compliance play for the MedTech sector.  We have teams that are dedicated specifically to the transporting and monitoring of MedTech industry products and the unique requirements needed to follow strict GDP guidelines. When coupled with a global track and trace IT system that monitors your shipment around the globe 24/7, you can be confident that the integrity of the product is placed first. 

In terms of MedTech in Ireland, Galway has been seen as a centre of excellence, as a result of the research centre in NUI Galway, so naturally we have a key location in the West of Ireland. With 7 locations across the country, we are well positioned to meet the logistical needs from any corner of Ireland.

And what about Strategic Partnerships?

We are different from other logistics companies in this context. Delivering on the tactical requirements is a given for us so we look at developing long-term, significant, collaborative partnerships. Bear in mind that the business was founded in 1890 and we are a global international company. This means that we can bring expertise, scale and investment to our partnerships and we look for projects where we can leverage our global assets at a local level. This may involve building physical logistics facilities, investing in IT infrastructure or accessing our global distribution network. We work in a transparent way with clients, to find a win-win for both partners. This can sometimes mean a long-term partnership spanning decades. We endeavour to work through any level of complexity, no matter how long it may take. If there’s an Irish Medtech or Pharma business out there in the marketplace looking for a strategic partnership in this context, we’d be happy to meet with them. We feel Medtech Rising is the ideal networking opportunity where we can open these discussions. 

“At West we are committed to improving health for patients worldwide. In 2018 we chose Kuehne + Nagel as a partner to further enhance our global supply chain and customer experience across quality, service and innovation” – Tom Clarke, Senior Director at West Pharmaceuticals

Is this how you came to sponsor this event Adam?

Well the reality is that we’ve been operating in this market for a long time; we already service about 70% of the Medtech industry in Ireland but we’ve taken a low-key approach to marketing. That’s probably because we are already known to be leaders in this space but we felt the time was right to support MedTech Rising, as it really is a world-class event. And of course we have sponsored the Pharma Industry Awards for many years – this year we are the Title Sponsors of those Awards – so it was a natural fit to sponsor Medtech Rising also. When I spoke with Sinead about the sponsorship opportunities, I was hugely impressed with the credentials of the speakers – many of whom are being flown in from across the world to share their expertise. Even if we weren’t sponsoring the event, I wouldn’t miss it! I think anyone with a vested interest in the Medtech sector will make it their business to be there. And hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet them!