If you’ve been thinking about going to Medtech Rising but haven’t bought a ticket yet – don’t let this opportunity pass you by. It’s always easy to stay within your comfort zone and skip a relevant event but the reality is that you might be missing out on a vital opportunity for your business. And its important to get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

Medtech Rising is the definitive event in the Medtech sector in Ireland.

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And here’s four great reasons to attend….

Learn from Global Experts

You are probably highly experienced in your field of expertise but the reality is that there’s always something new to learn. This is particularly true with Medtech Rising as the line-up of speakers is probably second-to-none in terms of global expertise in Medtech. The Steering Committee has secured some of the most highly regarded international professionals to speak at the event, along with some homegrown talent, who have built global businesses from start-ups here in Ireland. There’s some insights into the topics some Speakers will cover on our News section.

This really is a golden opportunity to listen, learn and network with world-class leaders in Medtech.

Position Yourself as a  Leader

Attendees at the Conference are generally top level executives and entrepreneurs, who are there not just to learn from the speakers, but also to learn from the other delegates. This represents a great opportunity for you show that you are active in your sector and to impress like-minded, ambitious people in your industry. It’s a chance to share your expertise and let peers know about the capabilities of your business.

Network with Prospective Customers and Suppliers

Sometimes its not immediately evident who your potential customers or suppliers are and if you feel you are too busy to do a lot of networking, then you may be missing out on potential market opportunities. Similarly, if you don’t make time to network and learn from suppliers, you may be limiting your businesses ability to embrace new technologies or understand business models of the future. This Conference represents a unique chance for you to “put your ear to the ground” in terms of developments in the industry.

Enjoy Yourself

Often we are all so busy with the day-to-day management of the business, that we forget that many others are in the same boat; they are dealing with similar business threats and trying to grasp new opportunities. It’s a great release to chat with like-minded professionals and to be able to share a smile about our experiences in business. At Medtech Rising there are many opportunities to network informally and there’s also a networking event after the Conference on the 4th December.

Don’t miss out!

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