Caspar Berry Shows How

By anybody’s standards, Caspar Berry has led a life less ordinary. His professional career has been dynamic, varied and hugely successful.

Medtech Rising is delighted to welcome Caspar to our Conference this year to talk about risk taking and decision making. Here’s your opportunity to learn from a top poker expert about how decision-making and calculated risks are all really investment decisions.

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Caspar’s Credentials

Although Caspar has been a top poker competitor who became one the games best-known players, it would be a mistake to pigeon-hole him into the typical profile of a high-risk pundit, who got lucky playing the odds. Originally having studied Economics at Cambridge, Casper kicked off his career in media production but at age 25 he made the brave decision to move to Las Vegas so by the time he was 28 he had successfully played professional poker at the highest level for 3 years. But by then he was ready for a new challenge and again he was willing to take a chance and moved back to the UK, where he co-found an audio-visual business, Twenty First Century Media. That business grew rapidly and it was ultimately sold to Bob Geldolf’s media empire, the PLC Ten Alps, in 2008.

Caspar went on to work in training for a number of years before he then combined all his expertise into something he is passionate about; motivating people and businesses to make better decisions. He teaches his audience to understand how the decision-making process works and how to calculate risk effectively.


When Should You Take a Chance?

This is a question that every business leader in Medtech faces. The consequences of a great decision can be very commercially lucrative and poor decisions can ultimately cause a business to fail. But few of us take time out to consider the process and to improve our skills in this context.  

Caspar will share his fresh thinking on risk-taking in business at Medtech Rising. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the real dynamics involved in the decision-making process and how to achieve better long-term results.

The reality is we are all naturally cautious – yet successful entrepreneurs have been shown to be more willing to take risks than others. You’ll learn to assess what’s actually stopping you from taking the right risks – whether it’s real or perceived. Caspar will give you direction on how to manage your own aversion to risk, and how to use this process to motivate you on to better results into the future.

Caspar is speaking near the close of Day 1 and this time is chosen carefully as we believe it will inspire you to act on what you have learnt over the course of the first day – and to be open-minded about what you are going to hear on Day 2. Caspar explains it best “It is my privilege to see a group of people intellectually stimulated, emotionally lifted and practically transformed at the end of a day.”

Listen and learn; you’ll enjoy this unique speaker and his fresh take on decision-making….

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