Aidan Connolly

Founder and CEO

Idiro Analytics

Aidan Connolly is the founder and CEO of Idiro Analytics. In 2020, Idiro Analytics was recognised as the Analytics SME of the Year and Aidan was awarded the Analytics Leader of the Year by the Analytics Institute. Idiro has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of AI and ML technologies across the world for almost 2 decades. Additionally, Aidan is a member of Ireland’s National Centre for Applied AI  (CeADAR) Industry Steering Board and currently sits on DBS’s Business and Marketing Advisory Board.

From the beginning of Aidan’s career in the early 1990s, he has worked in the field of analytics, first in the Research and New Technologies division of the European Commission (DG12) and later in Vodafone Ireland before going on to establish Idiro Analytics in 2003. As a pioneer in advanced analytics, Idiro has developed a number of innovative products including Idiro SNA Plus, an industrial-scale social network analysis tool and Red Sqirl, a big data analytical platform. Idiro has carried out projects in over 30 countries and works with across a number of industries including telecoms, education, manufacturing and finance.

In 2021 Idiro launched the AI Ethics Centre to help further the development of standards that can be used by industry and government to ensure that their implementations of AI are trustworthy, free from bias and discrimination.


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