Dr. Lorraine Byrne

Executive Director


Lorraine Byrne is the Executive Director of the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering (AMBER) and the CRANN Institute based at Trinity College Dublin.  The AMBER Centre brings together a critical mass of leading materials science researchers across 8 Irish academic institutions to develop solutions in the areas of Health, ICT, Energy, Functional Materials and Sustainability and translate these solutions into economic, clinical and societal impact.  As Executive Director, Lorraine has leadership responsibility for Industry engagement, Funding Diversification, Public affairs and the Technical Operations of the Centre.  Prior to taking in this role, Lorraine had an 18 year career within the Hewlett Packard Imaging and Printing Division where she held a number of roles in the areas of Ink Formulation, Failure analysis and Research and Development.  She holds a PhD in Chemistry and BSc in Analytical Science both from Dublin City University and a Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology from the University of Oxford

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