Dr Lucia Prihodova

Programme Manager

National Office for Research Ethics Committees

Dr Lucia Prihodova is the Programme Manager for the National Office for Research Ethics Committees in Ireland, with particular responsibility for the National Research Ethics Committee for Clinical Investigations of Medical Devices and Performance studies of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices (NREC-MD). As a senior member of the National Office team, Lucia manages the processes and procedures that underpin the national system of research ethics review and works on development of training for the NREC Members.

As an established researcher and research manager, Lucia brings in wealth of expertise, having led and collaborated on large-scale research projects in health systems research from design to knowledge translation and dissemination, both nationally and internationally. She is an experienced manager, with key skills in leadership, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning.

Lucia holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Groningen, Netherlands and MSc in Psychology from Trnava University, Slovakia. Lucia dedicates her free time to a number volunteer activities: she acts as an Editor of The Irish Psychologist, official magazine of the Psychological Society of Ireland, she is a board member of Liz Roche Company and a member of Bainne Beatha.

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