Filip Moriau

CEO & Founder


Future Back strategy and disrupting innovation are Filip’s passion and focus. This led to the founding of Stragilon, an acronym for Strategic Agile Innovation, in 2015 in Berlin.

Stragilon supports businesses around the world in creating new opportunities by looking at them through a future lens. Filip and the diverse team of Stragilon combine design thinking for strategy development or epidemiological modelling to achieve true and sustained agile transformation.

Innovation and ethics go hand in hand. Ethics drive innovation value and is vital for acceptance and longevity in today’s rapidly changing world where everything seems temporary.

Besides focusing on innovation, Filip has developed solid and deep expertise in the future of work. In a future environment, competitive advantages are changing every day. The future skills that will drive success are profoundly different from the competencies organizations tend to focus on. Developing them in co-creation with business leaders is one of Filip’s mantras.

Before starting Stragilon, Filip has worked in primarily corporate roles such as corporate development, legal counsel, and Head of Innovation for companies like Cisco Systems, BiogenIdec & Tosoh. Filip has longstanding collaborations with Medtech Europe and has helped them with the development & rollout of their code of ethical conduct and business practice.

He is a Lecturer in Innovation at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and runs the innovation faculty of the MBA for Collège des Ingénieurs in Turin & Paris.

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