Fionn Lahart

Co-Founder & CEO


Fionn Lahart is co-founder and CEO of OneProjects. OneProjects is a privately held, venture backed medical device company based in Dublin (Ireland) and Munich (Germany). OneProjects was founded by Fionn Lahart and Christoph Hennersperger in 2017 and is developing a cutting edge imaging platform focused on improving cardiac care in electrophysiology and structural heart.

Fionn has over 15 years of experience in technical, commercial and management roles. Along with a Masters degree in Bioengineering, Fionn has broad technical, commercial and regulatory knowledge having worked in start-up companies such as AltaScience, Yvolution and FIRE1 and multinationals such as Nypro Healthcare. In these companies, he filled various roles, ranging from product development and programme management, clinical and regulatory development, business development as well as commercial development and fundraising.

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