Hanson S. Gifford III


Lightstone Ventures

Hanson is a Managing Partner at the Foundry, LLC, and a Partner at Lightstone Ventures.

Since its inception in 1998, Hanson has led The Foundry in the invention, identification and development of new technologies; the formation, financing, and staffing of the new companies; and ongoing support of these new ventures as a board member. The Foundry has founded and financed eighteen medical device companies, including Evalve, acquired by Abbott, Concentric, acquired by Stryker, Emphasys, acquired by Pulmonx, Xtent- NASDAQ:XTNT,  Ardian, acquired by Medtronic, Cabochon, acquired by Merz, Miramar, acquired by Sientra, and Twelve, acquired by Medtronic. Hanson was also involved in founding five ophthalmology companies at Forsight Labs, including Transcend Medical, acquired by Alcon, Forsight Newco 2, acquired by QLT, Forsight Vision 4, acquired by Genentech/Roche, and Forsight Vision 5, acquired by Allergan.

Prior to The Foundry, Hanson was VP of R&D at Heartport- NASDAQ:HPRT. In 1992, Hanson co-founded and served as managing director of Bavaria Medizin Technologie, GmbH. In 1991, Hanson served as President of Cardiovascular Therapeutic Technologies, acquired by Eli Lilly. From 1985-1990, Hanson worked at DVI, also acquired by Eli Lilly. Before joining DVI, Hanson worked in engineering roles at Oximetrix and General Dynamics.

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