John O’Brien

Executive Chairman and CEO

S3 Connected Health

S3 Connected Health is digital health company. S3 Connected Health designs, develops, and operates digital health solutions for pharma and medical device companies that improve the lives of people with acute and chronic conditions and help transform healthcare.

John began his career in the semiconductor industry and held various positions in technology, marketing, and engineering before becoming CEO of S3 Group in 2001.

In 2006 he led a management buyout of S3 Group from Philips. The buyout was financed by ACT Venture Capital. This funding was used to accelerate and develop S3 Group’s activities in Healthcare, Semiconductors and Digital TV.

In 2015 the S3 TV Technology business was acquired by Accenture and in 2018 the S3 Semiconductors business was acquired by Adesto Technologies.

He is currently Executive Chairman and CEO of S3 Connected Health, an active member of the Irish Software CEO Forum and is the 2020 Chairman of Irish Medtech

John has an engineering degree from the University of Limerick, an MBA from University College Dublin.

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