Malcolm Bell

CEO & Chairman


Malcolm Bell serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Envetec Sustainable Technologies, Ireland’s first cleantech company focused on breakthrough innovations to treat and repurpose laboratory waste materials on-site, significantly reducing dependency on landfills, incineration and autoclaving. Addressing the growing urgency to achieve a substantive path toward net-zero from the diagnostic, healthcare, and food and beverage industries, Malcolm established Envetec as a standalone business in 2021. Based on extensive R&D investment, the company is poised to transform the management of biohazardous, biomedical and regulated medical waste, introducing first-in-class environmentally friendly technologies by Q4, 2021.

In 2004, Malcolm co-founded Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative quality control (QC) solutions for clinical laboratories used in 125 countries. He served as CEO and oversaw the successful acquisition of the company to LGC in 2020. Malcolm has a track record of creating significant value by advancing assets, intellectual property, technology, and product portfolios. In 2014, he spun out two companies from Technopath, becoming the principal shareholder of ValitaCell Ltd and Oculer Ltd, respectively. Both spin-offs have allowed each company to commercialize disruptive technologies spanning drug discovery and development, food quality, food safety, and environmental monitoring applications.

Most recently, Malcolm consulted for New York’s largest healthcare provider, NorthWell Health, by being appointed President & CEO of Northwell Holdings and Ventures, the for-profit organization of the hospital network. Within 12 months, he created a five-year strategic roadmap to support critical funding initiatives, including evaluating the Health System’s existing investment portfolio, investment companies, and joint ventures alongside introducing a new operating model and organizational structure. Malcolm earned his undergraduate degree in molecular biology and his master’s degree in biotechnology from the National University of Ireland.

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