Mei Jiang

SVP, Global Digital Innovation & Commercialization


Many know the famous HP Garage in Silicon Valley that begat Hewlett Packard in 1939. Ten years later in 1949, in a modest 800-square-foor garage (made out of two railway boxcars) on 19th Avenue Northeast in Minneapolis, another great company was born. It’s Medtronic.

Today, Medtronic is “Engineering the extraordinary”. Bringing ground-breaking healthcare technology solutions for the most complex and challenging conditions. Inspiring hope and new possibility in people all over the world.

I am so excited and honored to join this leading multinational, global medical technology company as its Global Digital Innovation Leader. By working with our CEO, ExCom and tens of thousands world-class experts and talents, we will innovate our way to become the most innovative global healthcare technology leader.


Mei Jiang is a serial entrepreneur with a blend of experience at both Startups and Corporations, managing P&L ranging from $10M to $7B.

She started her career in product, and has led and contributed to ~30 digital products design and incubation: China’s early Target Drones and the world’s first low cost, high capacity Tape Drives in 1990s, Palm Smartphones and IoT RFID track-n-trace sensor devices in 2000s, HP HAVEn, the industry’s first large scale, open, and secure Big Data platform, smart IoT wearables and AI/ML Telepresence Robot in 2010s.

Since early 2000 Mei has led three Startups into accelerated growth and exit of a value of $1B (Founder/CEO for one, early member for two). One was an IoT Startup using RFID and smart sensor technology. She revitalized the stalled Startup by transforming its business model from selling IoT devices to providing location-based, global Goods-in-Transit SaaS network. This shift attracted high-value and HazMat shipping customers including Jaguar, Walmart, Metro, K2 Sports, Dow Chemical and US DoD. It was back in 2005, and Mei was a leading pioneer in IoT before it was an acronym that it’s today.

The other part of her career has been driving intrapreneurship at large enterprises. She has helped a few large corporations drive fundamental technology and business transformations. For example, at Cisco she spearheaded Cisco’s first EDW and Big Data Analytical infrastructure based on which she further co-championed Cisco $6B Channel Sales Transformation. She joined HP in 2011 and led the $7B HP Enterprise Services (HPES) Application & Business Services portfolio to a 10% CAGR in 3 years. Since 2014 she’s been working in the Global CTO Office and HP Labs, fully responsible for Digital Incubation including Big Data full stack platform, 5G Edge Compute, IoT Smart Home/Office, Digital Healthcare, 3D Printing, AR/VR and AI/ML.

Blending her well balanced, diverse education and background in Business (MBA), Engineering and Applied Science (EEMS, IEMS) with award-winning communication skills, Mei is a T-shaped, highly influential industry thought leader with strong execution muscle capable of solving a wide range of multidisciplinary problems, globally.


  • Startups, Venture Capital and New Business Incubation
  • Digital Innovation & Product Development—IoT, AI/ML, 3D Print, Immersive AR/VR, Robotics
  • Large Portfolio Mgmt. ($10M~$7B)
  • Go to Market (Consumer Types, Buying Behavior, ‘Segment of One’ Individualization)
  • Consumer, Enterprise B2B/B2C, Healthcare, Transportation, TeleCom, Retail, Automotive, Education




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