Peter Turley

Professional Speaker and Trainer

For almost all his career, Peter Turley has been ripping up rulebooks, and rewriting processes to create greater impact and superior results, being first and foremost a problem solver. Seeing opportunity where others see challenge, he has outshone competitors, weathered recessions, built profitable businesses, raised strong and fiercely loyal teams, and has earned a reputation as “a simply remarkable thinker with a rare ability to inspire”. He now works as a professional speaker and trainer, upskilling his clients in the areas of sales, customer success and market innovation. Testament to this, during the Covid-19 lockdowns, he co-authored and became MD of Sell Squared, the world’s first MBA equivalent in Sales Leadership.

Having received numerous awards along the way, including The National Enterprise Award for Innovation and an All-Ireland Business ‘All-Star’, Peter’s reflections on his entrepreneurial escapades are funny, insightful, razor-sharp realistic, yet always inspirational. At Medtech Rising 2022, this will be a show and a story that you’ll never forget!

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