Professor Gillian Leng CBE

Chief Executive at NICE


Gillian Leng is the Chief Executive at NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and a visiting professor at King’s College London.


Gillian trained in medicine at Leeds. She worked on clinical trials and epidemiological research in Edinburgh, and in London as a consultant in public health medicine.  She has a long interest in evidence-based practice and was involved in the Cochrane Collaboration as it first became established and contributed as an editor for many years.  She is now chair of the Guidelines International Network.


At NICE, Gillian has a broad remit with a wide understanding of the organisation.  She was responsible for the initial set up and running of the clinical guidelines programme, for establishing the NICE implementation function, and for setting up NHS Evidence.  She was also responsible for a range of other functions, including the NICE accreditation programme, guideline development in social care, and the NICE programmes of indicators and quality standards.

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