Sandrine Guillermin

Global Head of Intellectual Property

Transitions Optical

Sandrine Guillermin is Global Head of Intellectual Property for Transitions Optical, an Irish-based company specialized in photochromic lenses, subsidiary of the Essilor-Luxottica group, worldwide leader in the ophthalmic industry.

Her wide expertise includes the management of patent portfolios, ensuring appropriate protection for innovations to create assets for the company. She also leads the IP strategy by providing IP advice and awareness to the technical communities, freedom to operate clearance, IP risk mitigations, contract negotiations, and enforcement, notably through litigation.

Sandrine holds a master’s degree in general chemistry from the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science, a French grande école (ECPM Strasbourg); another master’s degree in molecular and supramolecular organic chemistry, and a patent law diploma from the CEIPI in Strasbourg. She is also registered as a European Patent Attorney and French Intellectual Property Counsel.

Sandrine has more than 15 years’ experience in intellectual property, working in the pharmaceutical industry and private law firm in Paris before joining the Essilor Group 8 years ago.

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