Steve Mai

Founder of Eclipse Automation & Chief Growth Officer

Accenture Industry X

Steve Mai, the Founder of Eclipse Automation, began his own company 22 years ago with a clear vision to reshape the landscape of automation. His ideology for Eclipse stemmed from the firm belief that specialized “know-how” would be the driving force and true intellectual property behind his thriving business.
Over two decades, Steve has developed a team of automation experts who excel at taking on complex projects with challenging deadlines. Their talent for creating innovative and effective solutions for manufacturers has led to a solid reputation in the industry, and exponential global growth.
With a keen ability to always move to where the puck is going next, Steve has forged a path of master workmanship, combined with the finest high-tech additions, to create a competitive advantage for his customers.
Steve has enjoyed world-wide success as an authority in automation systems that will shape the future; from life-saving medical devices and leading-edge test kits, to environmentally conscious alternative energy solutions, to consumer products that improve people’s daily experience.
The culmination of Steve’s goal to reshape the automation industry came in the spring of 2022, when the team at Accenture Industry X began to take notice of Eclipse’s high-growth, quality automation network. In late August the acquisition of the Eclipse group by Accenture was complete and an entirely new way to achieve the most comprehensive and exciting Industry 4.0 solution for customers is now about to begin.

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