Walter van Kuijen



Walter van Kuijen originally trained as a nuclear physicist and in business administration. Walter’s career spans over 25 years of diverse leadership experiences. Walter has had the opportunity to lead global businesses and commercial organizations as well as serve on functional and transformational roles.

As a leader, Walter unites people around a common purpose and through personal energy and drive, inspire them to go the extra mile. His values are anchored in respect, trust, integrity, and making a difference towards a healthier and more sustainable planet.

In 2019, Walter decided to turn his personal passion into a mission and focused on leadership development, co-founded Transform2Impact and Executive Sherpa Coaching, and joined healthcare impact venture SmartQare as CEO.

Walter support organizations and leaders in identifying purpose, transforming, and to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing and ever demanding world. Furthermore, Walter consults and invests in impact ventures and social enterprises to accelerate their societal impact in a sustainable way.

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